Data Destruction

All organizations have a collection of sensitive information and data that is necessary to keep secure. For this reason, data destruction is necessary when recycling outdated electronics and computer equipment.

It isn’t enough to simply delete your organization’s data from the system. Data that isn’t professionally and securely removed from a system’s hard drive can still be hacked into by criminals. For this reason, throwing away your electronics and computer equipment can pose an immense threat to your organization.

Why Choose I Got E-Waste For Your Business Data Destruction

I Got E-Waste recycles outdated electronics and computer equipment from a variety of organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area including schools, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Our experienced and professional operations coordinators will work with you to schedule a convenient and streamlined pickup of your organization’s e-waste at no cost to you (see terms for qualifying items).

I Got E-Waste securely and efficiently wipes hard drives and removes sensitive data as per customer request. Our team utilizes a seven-pass data wipe in accordance with the standards of DoD 5220.22-M to ensure you organization’s information is not only completely removed from the hard drive but is also unrecoverable. We also provide shredding services for hard drives and other proprietary equipment. Please contact us directly for a quote for this service.

I Got E-Waste can also provide data destruction for your organization in the form of wiping, crushing, or shredding which involves physically destroying the hard drive of your electronics or computer equipment. Per your request, I Got E-Waste will provide your organization with a comprehensive certificate of your data destruction so you can be sure your business’ or organization’s data or proprietary equipment is completely destroyed.

Compared to other e-waste recycling centers, I Got E-Waste provides more than just data destruction in accordance with state and federal guidelines. We also work with recycling partners that operate according to EPA guidelines to ensure your e-waste doesn’t end up in a landfill. For more information on data destruction and our e-waste pickup services, contact I Got E-Waste today.