Computer Recycling

It’s important for your organization to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. With new computer models coming out every few years, this can mean your business has a number of old computers sitting around the office.

Piles of old technology can be inconvenient anywhere but especially in a place of business. However, because computers contain chemicals that are detrimental to the environment, they can’t be thrown away like other types of trash.

I Got E-Waste’s computer recycling services are an incredible option for those looking to recycle their business’ old computer equipment. Unlike other computer recycling San Francisco based businesses, we pick up your e-waste at your place of business and ensure nothing ends up landfills.

Why Recycle Your Computers With I Got E-Waste?
When your organization recycles the computers your business no longer uses, you reduce the amount of natural resources necessary to create new electronics. Like vehicles, electronics can be taken apart and certain components may be reused to create new ones.

By choosing to recycle your old computers with I Got E-Waste, you hold your organization to a higher standard of manufacturing, recycling, and environmental care. I Got E-Waste makes sure no computer is shipped illegally overseas or is sent to a landfill.

Each computer is safely and securely cleared of information and data before it’s screened for usable and unusable parts. Components that can be reused are refurbished. Components that are unable to be refurbished are taken to recycle centers for either incineration to generate energy or to be reused.

At I Got E-Waste, we’re serious about recycling electronics. We accept a wide range of electronic items including old computers such as notebooks or desktops, LCD monitors, networking equipment, server equipment, test equipment, and many miscellaneous components like cables, adapters, lead-acid batteries, UPS systems, cell phones and phone systems, all collected in accordance with State and Federal Guidelines.

To get your organization started on e-waste recycling, fill out a pick-up request form today. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or text to (415) 618-9234.