Server Recycling

It’s inevitable that a server will reach the end of its life as most electronics do. When this happens, organizations typically remove and replace the server with new and more capable equipment. While this new equipment is great for your organization, the problem about what to do with your old servers can often go unasked until the day of the replacement.

I Got E-Waste offers a pickup service for businesses located in The San Francisco, Bay Area and the surrounding communities that need to get rid of their old equipment. I Got E-Waste offers these pickup services and can meet clients at their place of business to pick up your old servers, along with other comptuer equipment, without them needing to lift a hand.

Why Should Your Business Consider Server Recycling?

Electronics contain certain chemicals that can be bad for the environment, which is why your organization is unable to throw them away like they would everyday garbage. Server recycling enables your organization to follow State and Federal guidelines while also protecting the environment.

Server recycling is also essential to ensure your organization’s information is properly safe and secure. It can be dangerous to leave old servers on-site because they contain valuable data cyber criminals and identity thieves can utilize for their own profit at your business’ expense.

When you use server recycling services through I Got E-Waste, you’re not just disposing of your old servers and electronics. You’re significantly reducing the risk of your organization’s data being compromised.

Thousands of people have their identities and personal information stolen every year. When an organization’s sensitive data is breached, it puts employees, clients, and the business itself at risk.

At I Got E-Waste, we take server recycling seriously. We’ll ensure complete data destruction on your old servers, provide you with a certificate of its destruction, and a certificate of recycling as proof your servers were properly recycled. To get your organization started on e-waste recycling, fill out a pick-up request form today.