Individual Business Pickup Services

I Got E-Waste, Inc. offers commercial pickup services within San Francisco, as well as the North and East Bay Area. We are fully insured and provide comprehensive certificates of insurance per property management’s requests and based on their requirements. We work with a wide range of California and EPA approved and R2 Certified downstream electronic waste recycling companies to ensure that none of your excess inventory ends up in the wrong place at its end of life cycle and to maximize your data’s security. There is no cost for electronic waste pickup and recycling for qualified Bay Area businesses, schools, non-profit organizations and government agencies (see terms). Our knowledgeable operations coordinators assist you with making smart decisions that will help the environment stay green along with your bank account.

Office Building Wide Recycling Clean Out Events

I Got E-Waste, Inc. is looking to work with building and property managers of commercial office buildings.
We specialize in working with building facility personnel and property managers to organize recycling events for commercial office buildings.

  • We are experienced at setting up recycling days for your tenants.
  • We work with you and your tenants to clear out valuable space, and remove and recycle properly all unwanted electronic waste that fills up many offices and ties up precious real-estate.
  • Our crew will remove everything from your location quickly and professionally.
  • Our zero-landfill policy guarantee that nothing goes in landfills and that all collected items are properly recycled per EPA and California State regulations.
  • We are fully insured and can provide certificates of insurance for every location.

For more information on how to setup a recycling event for your commercial property, please call (415) 618-9234 or email