Network Equipment Recycling

Network equipment recycling is more important now than ever before as we navigate a world of complex technology and computing networks. With technology in a constant state of development, network equipment becomes installed and replaced within a few years just to keep a functional, reliable, and efficient computing web throughout an organization.

Because network equipment is replaced at such a constant rate, it’s important that this equipment is being disposed of in an acceptable fashion. I Got E-Waste offers organizations the ability to properly recycle their unused and old network equipment in a safe and secure environment.

What’s more, your organization doesn’t have to worry about losing valuable time or productivity navigating the bustling streets of San Francisco. I Got E-Waste comes to your place of business to pick up your old network equipment for proper recycling.

Why Should Your Organization Use Network Equipment Recycling?

Network equipment recycling is essential to your business for a number of reasons. The first is that State and Federal guidelines require electronics to be recycled to prevent dangerous chemical contamination in the environment.

The second reason is that network equipment recycling helps prevent the compromise of your organization’s sensitive data. Competitors, cybercriminals, and identity thieves can recover data from your network equipment and use it to steal product development plans, client lists, employee information, and intellectual property.

Network equipment recycling with I Got E-Waste ensures your data is properly and efficiently destroyed so nobody can get their hands on your organization’s information.

The third and final reason to recycle your network equipment is because it can help your local community. When I Got E-Waste recycles your network equipment, we take apart the equipment to find the parts that can be refurbished and reused.

These refurbished components can then be incorporated into new technology for those in your local community who need access to the Internet and other electronics. To get your organization started on e-waste recycling, fill out a pick-up request form today.