San Francisco E-Waste Recycling

One of the best ways to cut unnecessary expenses in your place of business is to utilize energy-efficient light bulbs and batteries. However, it’s important to recycle your current fluorescent light bulbs properly through San Francisco E-Waste Recycling.

Fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, contain a small amount of mercury. Because of this, it can be hazardous both to your health and the environment should a bulb break in the trash. That being said, proper recycling is essential for more than just e-waste, but also your old light bulbs and batteries.

Why Make I Got E-Waste™ Your San Francisco Recycling Center

I Got E-Waste provides effective e-waste recycling solutions for all outdated electronics and computer equipment your organization no longer needs. On top of electronics, I Got E-Waste also provides a pickup services for compact fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes, and alkaline batteries.

Unlike other recycling services, I Got E-Waste offers pickup services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. We provide comprehensive certificates of insurance per your organization’s request.

Electronics Recycling You Can Trust

I Got E-Waste works alongside a variety of EPA approved and R2 Certified electronic waste recycling companies in California. This ensures that not only are your fluorescent lights, alkaline batteries, electronics, and computer equipment is properly recycled but also that none of your inventory winds up in the wrong place.

Our team of professional operations coordinators work with you to pickup and recycle the electronic waste of your organization. We pick up e-waste from Bay Area schools, non-profit organization, government agencies, and businesses.

With I Got E-Waste, you can be sure your recycling decisions are not only good for the environment, but also good for your organization. Contact us today for more information on our cost effective e-waste recycling solutions and how your organization can benefit from our expertise.