If you are a large volume customer with 50+ larger items, please contact us directly with details. These terms might not apply.

We offer free pickup services for businesses, schools, non-profit organization and government agencies that have at least five qualifying items.

Qualifying Items:

  • Computers
  • Notebooks
  • Some Networking Equipment
  • Test Equipment
  • Servers

In addition; if our minimum quantity requirement is satisfied, we can also accept the following items:

Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines Docking Stations, Televisions, Notebooks, Kindles, All Apple Products, Modems, Routers, Telecom Equipment, Test Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Cell Phones, Home and Office Telephones, iPhones, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, UPS/APC Battery Backups, All Backup Devices, Lead Acid Batteries, Power Supplies, Ballasts, Wires/Cables, Adapters, CPU, Memory, Hard Drives, Printed Circuit Board, Components, IC Chips & Other Misc. Components, Game Consoles, Projectors, Conferencing Equipment, Security Equipment, Cameras, Keyboards, Mice and all other computer related equipment.

The minimum charge for pickups of less than five qualifying items is $50 and up. This rate is based on quantities of non-qualifying items and location.

Charges apply for the following items:

  • Copy machines, plotters and large format printers – CALL FOR QUOTE (We are able to accept some machines at no cost)
  • Small appliances, including coolers and small refrigerators – $50 each
  • Server racks – $100 each
  • Toner cartridges – $3 each

Hard Drive & Data Destruction Service

  • Per hard drive – Call for quote (Services include shredding, degaussing, and DoD wipe with complete certificate of destruction)
  • Tape backups – $3 per unit (Includes magnetic degaussing)

Per customer’s request, we can generate a detailed certificate of destruction with recorded serial numbers.

Fluorescent Light & Battery Recycling

  • Fluorescent light tubes – $5 per pound
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs – $6 per pound
  • Alkaline household batteries – $3 per pound

Minimum charge for pickup of these items is $50. Per U.S. Department of Traffic regulations, light tubes and bulbs must be packaged in sealed boxes. Batteries must be packaged in sturdy sealed container. We cannot accept batteries open or broken cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

A $25 processing fee might apply for the issuance of insurance certificates.

We currently do not pick up large appliances, refrigerators, washer or dryers, furniture, hazardous materials, filing cabinets, other miscellaneous metals, some medical and dental equipment.