Recycling symbol shown surrounded by green bushes to represent easy ways to green up your office with business electronic recycling, server recycling, and more

3 Easy Ways to Green Up – Business Electronic Recycling, Server Recycling, and More

Giving your business or place of work an environmental boost isn’t just beneficial for relieving a guilty conscious.

Making your place of work more environmentally friendly can also boost sales and savings.

Consumers are becoming more environmentally-conscious and therefore particular about where they spend their money.

A 2014 survey showed that 55% of customers are willing to pay more for services and goods that provide environmentally-friendly business practices.

By switching to environmentally-friendly practices and habits, you’ll be benefiting the environment as well as your business’ bottom line.

In this article, we’ll outline how to eco-boost your business through e-waste recycling and a couple other easy-to-follow practices that you can incorporate into your business or place of work.

Three Ideas to Eco-Boost Your Business Electronic Recycling

Follow these three ideas on boosting your business’ environmental-friendly habits and you’ll be sure to stand out in the market and your workplace.

1. Leave Your Car at Home

By leaving the car at home and deciding to walk to cycle to work, you’ll not only be providing a daily exercise routine for yourself, but you’ll be helping out the environment as well.

Make the commitment to start walking or cycling to work a few days a week, then try to challenge yourself by seeing how many days in a row you’re able to go car-less.

2. Reduce “Convenient” Waste

While disposable cups, wrappers, and food containers may seem convenient with a hectic schedule, the truth is, it will eventually become inconvenient down the road.

By giving some breathing space to the Earth and using re-usable containers and items as opposed to corner store trash, you’ll not only be developing a healthier lifestyle for yourself. But you’ll be setting a positive standard for your co-workers to learn from.

Switch to a reusable mug or Tupperware container package and you’ll not only be setting a trend but will give our environment the boost it needs to continue thriving.

3. Recycling Electronic Waste: E-Waste and Server Recycling

More than two million tons of electronic waste is disposed of every year in the United States – and only 27% of that total is recycled.

Want to make a real difference in your business? Electronic recycling is one of the top ways to go from a regular, run-of-the-mill workspace to an eco-friendly business.

If your business is swapping out electronic items such as monitors, computers, tablets, cellphones, that are under 5 years old, look for charities or schools in your area to donate to.

Retailers such as BestBuy also provide programs for recycling older electronics to keep them out of landfills and therefore our water systems and soil.

If you live in San Francisco, electronics recycling can be even easier.

The Ultimate Way to Make Your Company Environmentally-Friendly and Attractive to Eco-Conscious Customers

I Got E-Waste provides cost-effective business electronic recycling solutions for customers with old, unused electronics in the San Francisco area. Not only that, but they provide customers with pickup services that are quick and simple. Check out the commercial pick-up request for more details and start transforming your business to an eco-friendly hub of inspiration.